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Lesson 1 - How To Create  A Culture of Connection for your Business.


- What is Content Creation?

- How To Make Your Passion your platform?

- How to connect with your creation?

- How to truly connect with your audience or clientele?

Lesson 2 - How To Build A proper foundational structure in a world Post pandemic.


- Foundational Truths

- 5 Post Pandemic Leadership Traits

- Communication

- Staying Relevant

- Adaptability

- Staying rooted.

Lesson 3 - The Art of Storytelling with video & Live Streams.


- Storytelling

- Building a connection with video

- Staying true to yourself

- Understanding your journey as a creator

Lesson 4 - Study, Prepare, Pivot, Grow


- Understanding environmental controls

- Content is King

- The Power of Listening

- Find Your Squad

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Day 2- Lesson 1 - Building an online brand

Speaker: Linnita hosten


- What is a Brand?

- How to build an online Brand?

- The key factors of an established online Brand

- Content creation within your Branding strategy


Day 2 - Lesson 2 - Storyblock & Animation


- Who are you?

- Making an Honest Connection with your story

- Creating Story blocks and Animation for your Business


Day 2 - Lesson 3 - Power of Pivoting & leveraging technology


- What does it mean to PIVOT?

- How To PIVOT?

- How to Fail in Business?

- The Power of Technology in your Business


Day 2 - Lesson 4- How To Drive Traffic To Your Business?


1- The Price of success?

2- The reason why you may not be closing deals

3- Getting The Help You Deserve

4- The Difference between a Brand and a Business

5- Getting your brand on TV


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Co-Founder of Robyn Laurel & Company

I’m Angelica Prather, an Income Strategist.  I help transform my clients business from overworked and burnt out to getting the money they deserve by Charging Their Worth!

I’ve been a hairstylist and salon owner for over 17 years, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that I decided to take a leap of faith. I closed down the salon and decided to teach other hairstylist on how to successfully and efficiently run their business without having to be in the salon 5 or 6 days a week. 

I am also a Speaker, Coach and a content creator. 

My mission is to help you run your business and not let it run you.  Step into a CEO entrepreneurial game, and create the FINANCIAL FREEDOM for yourself.

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With over 12 years’ experience in the Tech, Media, and IT Customer Service industry, JP has helped and interacted with multiple ministries, churches,
small business startup owners to high level corporate executives.

JP is the Founder, Host and Producer of the show “Content Creators University,” in partnership with RTN Streams, an advanced video hosting and live streaming solution, in which he is the head developer and co-founder.


JP is not only a Branding Expert, Graphic Designer, Cinematographer, and Software Developer but is also the president of Reveal TV Network, a Faith-based Ministry focused on “Revealing Jesus to the Nations through Media.” JPHightek is full of energy and zeal and will leave you uplifted and excited to go out and discover your purpose in media.

CCU Conference Speaker Angelica.jpg

Income Strategist | Coach | Speaker

Founder of Charge Your Worth Academy and Co-Founder of Robyn Laurel & Company.

Angelica helps driven beauty professionals transform their business and go from being overworked and not making profit to a full time recurring revenue through her signature program Charge Your Worth Academy. 


Charge Your Worth Academy is a 6 Months group coaching programs geared towards creators & beauty professionals  to help them in building an established business,  restructuring how they charge for services, build a system of continuous cash flow and work less by following a developed blueprint created and used by Angelica herself. This allowed her to be successful in business for over 17 years and earn 6 figures.

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Charles Jackson II is a Relational Leader, motivational speaker, and author of the upcoming book Low Down Good for Nothing: An Uncensored Account of the Black Man in America.

Founder of Charles Jackson Media Company, LLC, a consultancy connecting people with their passion and purpose, Charles finds innovative ways to reach across racial, social, and overall differences.

Charles Jackson's experience as a Marine leading hundreds, ordained pastor touching hearts, corporate leader promoting inclusion, and black man living in America has shaped his innovative approach to age-old ideologies.

Founder of the Relational Leadership Model, The Connector teaches leaders how to use his 3-step
framework to connect with employees, facilitate diverse collaborations, and establish a genuinely inclusive environment.

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Award-winning author, national speaker and student success strategist--- Linnita Hosten teaches high school students how to stand on their own two-feet, after graduation.

As a respected education-planning professional, Linnita leverages her proven and results-driven strategies to facilitate evidence-based programming to organizations, universities, and community groups, helping their students achieve their educational goals.

Linnita has been honored with various awards including: Excellence in Education, Youth Speaker of the Year, 40 under 40 in Education, Education Book of the Year, and University of Maryland Global Campus Alumni of the Year.

Linnita is passionate about preparing ambitious students to get clear on their plan and confident about pursuing their DREAM career.

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Steve Worthy CEO of WORTHY RETAILU, provide leaders with a powerful platform to take ownership of your professional development. We are on a mission to help retail leaders cultivate high-performing teams that are empowered, inspired, and able to execute at the top of their game.

Their vision is to create a community where people can learn solutions for our industry’s most challenging issues in a welcoming and interactive learning environment.


WORTHY Retail U offers online courses, live workshops, and individual and group coaching available!

RETAIL LEADERSHIP with Steve Worthy is the only podcast dedicated to helping retail leaders advance their careers, improve their communication and enhance their culture.

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Jeremy Duncan well known on social media as JDun is the CEO & Founder of Rapture Ready Productions which is a Christian Music Label with multiple artist and staff nationally and internationally.

He is also a Christian Rapping, Content Creating , & Motivating CEO who loves nerding out on mobile technology, gaming, & all things apple!

Jeremy also started a new Youtube tech channel called "Getting things Dun" where he shares his knowledge and expertise in tech and IT. 

CCU Conference Speaker Jillian Morin.jpg


Jillian Morin, Also known as  "Miss Jill", has been a content creator on YouTube for over a decade and specializes mostly in creating content that educates or inspires others.  She started her career in public education where she taught English and Biology to high school English learners, but after 11 years she transitioned into marketing and communications. 

Jillian integrates her love of languages (Brazilian Portuguese & Spanish) as well as her passion for the arts and love of people into almost everything she does!  You can often find her collaborating with other creatives on music projects, live streams, podcasts and more!

She's the founder and CEO of Creative Communicators, LLC based out of central Massachusetts and serves a number of clients including a school district, economic development office, local small businesses and more!  She also enjoys traveling and collaborating with other production companies to facilitate live streaming and content creation by working behind-the-scenes or being the on-camera talent. 

Jillian truly enjoys problem solving and making things work even when you don't have #allthethings!  "Every problem that pops up gives me a chance to be innovative and creative, as well as be better equipped for the next adventure!"

CCU Conference Speaker James.jpg


Hello My name is James.

Engineering Technologist by education and profession. Content Creator and Entrepreneur by passion! My drive is to help others understand and effectively utilize the technical resources available to them.

Founder @ HicksNewMedia
Chief Digital Officer @ INFOtainment News