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Build Credibility and Get more Attention!

Who is this for?





✓ Leaders

✓Content Creators 



✓Beauty Professionals 


✓Social Media Strategists,


✓Public Figures Authors,

✓Small Business Owners 


✓Anyone who wants to build a solid passive income.

Establish Your Brand

& authority with a

Number 1 Best selling

Book on

Amazon number 1.png

The #1 Amazon bestseller badge is awarded to the product that has the highest number of sales in a specific category.

However, This is easier said than done. The Purpose of this course is to give you all the important tools and strategies you need to position your book properly to be able to achieve this and drive traffic and visibility to your Brand.  

meet JP, your Coach

The Livestream Blueprint #1 Amazon Best-selling book by JP Hightek.jpg

Hi, I'm JP, Founder of Perfect Zone Productions, LLC, and a renowned Global Branding and Media Expert.


I am, also a #1 Amazon Best-selling Author of my book "The Livestream Blueprint: Starting & Scaling Your Business with Live Video.

I've helped countless individuals, small business owners, and corporations transform their video presence into a revenue-generating powerhouse.


What to expect in this course

Course Overview:

This course is designed to empower authors with the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to achieve the coveted title of Amazon best-seller. From crafting compelling content to strategic marketing, participants will learn a step-by-step process to propel their books to the top of Amazon's charts.

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