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My Story

My personal quote is “The day you stop learning, you stop growing”. As a media professional, I know that technology is an always evolving platform. There is always an evolution, update or progress to a specific innovation. In order to stay qualified it is vital to stay connected and informed.

As the Founder of Content Creators University (digital master school for content creators), I connect every week with one of the best minds in the Media/IT and content creation ecosystem in order to have them teach new ways to do things. We also hold conversations on topics that creators (videographers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Business Owners, Social Media Strategists, Artists, Music Composers, Authors and more.) need to be part of in order to truly impact and monetize with their creation.

This is what this quote means to me and I feel there are so many amazing talents out there that are simply missing out because of the lack of continuous growth. This is my way of giving back to to a community that has and will always strive to the occasion regardless of adversity.

As a content creator myself, I know and understand the needs and struggles and I have decided to provide a solution on a consistent basis.

I would first like to give thanks to God. I am a Christian and God plays a huge role in my life.


All thanks to Jesus who directed my path and allowed me to overcome major adversities in my life and made the way for me to be where I am today.

I would also want to take the time and give a big shoutout to my lovely wife “Cre” who has always stood by my side and supported me in all my endeavors. Cre is not just the best part of my life but my queen. It has not always been easy, but she stood firm and believed in me even when I did not believe in myself.

Finally, I would like to give a big shoutout to my lovely children. As a father of 3 , I cannot imagine my life without my children. They get me up early in the morning. They give me unconditional love and inspire me to always keep striving towards perfection. My lovely children make me want to conquer the world and I am so grateful to have them in my life as I know these things are not always evident in people’s story.


With over 15 years’ experience in the Tech, Media, and IT Customer Service industry, I have helped and interacted with multiple Ministries, Churches, Small business startup owners to High level Corporate Executives.

All this started from a dream. A dream to conquer the world and to make an impact. As I was seated one day on campus at the University of Texas in Arlington, I made a prayer and asked the Lord to help me walk in my purpose and make an impact to a generation.

Even though I feel my journey is still ongoing, I believe it is important to look back and be grateful at all my humble achievements.


I remember when I received my very first paycheck of $75 as a videographer. I was so excited to be rewarded not for a job, but for something I could do for free and still feel the same satisfaction.

I have learned to be content and cherish what I have. I had to discover my purpose in life and walk in it. I have learned that as long as I am walking in my purpose, I will always be blessed in a way or another regardless of the project. I then started looking at the little victories in every project I worked on. The truth is, it was hard sometimes to keep going, hard to stay motivated and extremely hard to believe in a better day.

In 2006 I decided to create an opportunity to myself on Youtube. After several years I was able to get it to 10K subscribers which I lost early in 2016 due to community updates. I did not let this set back stop me and started another technology related Youtube which has grown to 126K subscribers before it was again deleted by Youtube for another policy change in 2019.

I could have gotten completely discouraged and not look at the good and lesson learned from this experience. I was able to establish a solid following and above all a solid clientele from my Youtube and social media traffic during that season. I was engrossing 6 figures for my yearly revenue and could not be proud of such a great accomplishment.

Another major milestone was when I was able to hire my very first full time employee and paying her $15 per hour. It is a completely different feeling to know that someone else’s blessing depends on you succeeding. I had to learn how to not only fight for myself but also for people surrounding and depending on my success.


My journey continues and I cannot wait to see where God takes me and what other lessons I will learn.

As of today, I am the CEO & Founder of Perfect Zone Productions, a media firm that specializes in Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, High end Photography, Videography, Software development and more.

I am also the Host and Producer of the show “Content Creators University,” in partnership with RTN Streams, an advanced video hosting and live streaming solution, in which I am the head developer and co-founder.

Finally, I am the President & Broadcast Director of Reveal TV Network, a faith-based ministry focused on “Revealing Jesus to the Nations through Media.”

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